Student Reviews

Herald Student Reporters / SoYoung Choi

Date : 2023.09.15
While I was doing a research project during the English class, I saw a student’s
article about the Korean education system. Initially, I thought that the article was from a
professional reporter due to its quality and writing style. Then, I realized the article was
written by a student reporter from HSR.

What rendered or inspired me to apply to HSR was the work of a student, whom I
saw an article during the class. I wished to write well-written articles like his and to learn
about writing articles more in-depth. After the first six months, I decided to apply again
because I genuinely enjoyed writing articles and researching events. HSR activities definitely
widened my view of seeing the news, articles, and events.

Throughout the past six months, I realized that as I wrote more articles, my writing
skills were actually advancing: Before, I needed about a week to finish writing the first draft,
but now, I just need one or two days to complete it. Seeing the personal growth that I
experienced was fascinating and the most memorable aspect of my past six months with

To be honest, there are many advantages to joining HSR, so I can’t pick one. Plus, I
would like to recommend HSR to all of my friends, especially those who are passionate
about writing and considering journalists or reporters as a future career. HSR gives you
opportunities to get direct feedback from professional editors and to better understand how
writing articles work.

Again, over the past 12 months, I learned numerous things and lessons from HSR
activities. Moreover, this further led me to have an interest in journalism. It was such an
honor to work as a student reporter and get valuable feedback from experienced and
professional editors.