Benefits of the Herald Student Reporters program

Many aspiring reporters don’t know where to start, how to select a topic, or how to write an article.

Our editors give you all the information you need about the entire process of writing an English article, from selecting a topic to doing research and writing the actual article, and also provide a review report on the written article.

  • Selection of the topic
  • Structure of article
  • Example of article writing
  • Example of title
A two-minute guide to writing an article

Our editors provide a step-by-step explanation with examples of real articles, making it easy for even first-time article-writers to learn.


  • 1. What is a news article?
  • 2. Types of news articles
  • 3. Reporting activities
  • 4. Selecting news topics
  • 5. Article writing format
  • 6. Article coverage and writing examples
  • 7. Examples of poor titles
  • 8. Examples of poor lead sentences
  • 9. Paragraph breaks
  • 10. Image attachments