Who are the Herald Student Reporters?

The Herald Tomorrow, a youth English newspaper, is recruiting student reporters who will participate in the entire process from finding article topics to planning, researching, writing, and submitting articles.

  • Online program

    Online program to support student reporters worldwide

  • Extracurricular Activity

    Extracurricular activity for college admission

  • Review of report and corrections

    A professional editor’s review report and corrections are provided to improve the student reporter’s writing skills.

  • Smooth communication and management

    Communication and management via a chatroom opened with the student reporter, his or her parents, and the general manager


Can apply for the program even if the applicant is not confident in writing
as feedback and corrections are provided by professional editors.

  • Student reporters receive feedback from professional editors at least three times per article, allowing them to improve the quality of their writing.
  • The overall logical structure of an article, including article format, article writing methods, and rules for attaching photos, is reviewed with feedback.
  • By repeating the process of writing and editing, student reporters can increase their confidence and skills in writing in English.

An opportunity to develop various skills through article-writing training

Student Reporters

  • Insight
  • logic
  • time management
  • language skills
  • self-direction
  • Student reporters can improve their logical writing skills as well as develop their insight into how society works by writing articles on their own.
  • Through the process of finding topics and publishing articles, student reporters can develop self-direction and time management skills.
  • The act of completing an article gives student reporters a feeling of fulfillment and increases their sense of self-efficacy.

Direct communication with and provision of guidance
to student reporters and parents through a messenger app

※ The above image is reconstructed based on actual conversation.
  • After joining the program, a KakaoTalk chatroom is opened with the student reporter, his or her parents, and the general manager.
  • Submitted articles written during the program period are shared and reviewed through KakaoTalk.
  • Student reporters are encouraged to share their concerns and difficulties while doing research and writing.

An extracurricular activity for college admission

Student Reporters

Article planning, research, and writing

Feedback and revisions provided up to three times per article

Submission of up to six articles


Feedback provided on written articles


The program is held for six months and starts from January, April, July, and October every year. Participants may apply up to two months before the start of the program (additional recruitment: one month before).

Program period
six months (from January, April, July, and October every year)
Recruitment period
Applications are received up to two months before the start of the program, and additional recruitment is accepted up to one month after the program starts.
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