Student Reviews

Herald Student Reporters / Kate Kim

Date : 2023.09.15
While seeking a journaling opportunity that a high school student could engage in, I came across the HSR newspaper.

I applied to HSR because I recognized it as a valuable extracurricular activity that would also help improve my writing abilities. Additionally, given my enrollment in school publications as a subject, the HSR program allowed me to improve my understanding of journaling.

I believe that my involvement in HSR's activities had a direct positive impact on my studies, as it allowed me to enhance my writing skills and develop proficiency in formal language usage. The constructive suggestions provided by the editors proved to be advantageous, enabling me to not only learn from my errors but also learn new ways to structure and format my work.

The most memorable aspect of the past six months with HSR is that I have been able to discuss the issues concerning both Korean and global societies. Expressing thoughts about how these issues affect us through journaling has been a remarkable experience. Writing a journal each month has enabled me to become aware of events happening in different parts of the world and even in nearby communities, allowing me to broaden my perspectives.

The biggest advantage of being part of HSR is that you get to experience the role of a “journalist” by going through the different processes followed by actual reporters. This experience provides insight into the aspects of journalism, including research, investigation, writing, and editing.

Overall, HSR was a helpful experience for me as I gained a lot in different ways. I would definitely apply again and build more journal writing experiences through the HSR program.