Student Reviews

Herald Student Reporters / Hoseok Ahn

Date : 2023.09.15
I learned about HSR while searching online for a local/national newspaper that I could contribute to as a high schooler interested in various issues within Korean society.

I applied to HSR to objectively explain and interpret current-day events, which I knew would help advance my writing and critical thinking skills.

In my experience as an HSR writer, I explored various topics, ranging from business and entertainment to national and international events. By researching and writing about these topics, I gained a deeper understanding of the broader world around me. In this light, my CHIPS Act article is an especially notable piece, as the writing process deepened my knowledge and analysis of how the landscapes of international business and policies shape business and political voices.

My most memorable experience in the HSR program was researching and writing about SM Entertainment's ownership conflicts. It was so fun to go and read about how different people with different interests all partook in this one giant business battle over several months, involving actions such as purchasing massive amounts of stocks and betraying business partners.

If I were to see a friend considering joining HSR, I would definitely tell him to opt in. Writing articles for HSR is not only a great way to notify your community of notable events going around in the world that you care about, but it is also a great way to grow and develop as an analytical and objective writer.

As my final comment, I would state that participating in HSR is an effective way to sharpen a student's writing skills, making them concise, effective, and coherent.