Student Reviews

Herald Student Reporters / Grace Lee

Date : 2023.09.15
I discovered HSR while searching for information related to international schools in order to find extracurricular activities.

I applied to HSR to make some experience as a student reporter. This activity is relevant to my interest in the international relations major.

It was truly beneficial to my studies. I did not have much interest in news, both domestic and overseas, before. However, I gradually became interested in reading them since I had to accumulate new knowledge for my articles. As a result, I gained more insight into the world. Moreover, my feelings of fulfillment after publishing each article encouraged me a lot.

I was surprised to realize the world, which I have never known or experienced in my life, through reading and listening to the news for my articles.

I would highly recommend my friends to join HSR. I’d explain how it can broaden their perspectives on the world and enhance their writing skills through editing their own articles.

My experience as a student reporter in HSR became an amazing help in developing my writing skills. I feel so honored to have received such a distinguished award.