Student Reviews

Herald Student Reporters / Ernie Choi

Date : 2023.02.26
A close friend of mine told me about HSR and how he was writing news articles. I decided to take a shot at being a student reporter after reading some of the articles on Herald Insight.

I applied to HSR because I knew the activities that student reporters achieve during the process benefits the writing skills. I was interested in that aspect of journalism, while a news article was also a new type of writing I was attempting.

I felt the benefit of my activities with HSR during times when I had to write an article based on factual information in a concise way. Usually, these are in the form of school assignments. I already had experience in writing articles based on facts, as the news articles allowed myself to build the skills which were required.

I chose the most memorable aspect with HSR as the moment when I saw my news article appear as first on the Hot Issue list. I wasn’t expecting my news article to reach such capabilities, and the sight of the list gave me enough motivation to successfully finalize all the other articles I wrote.

I would tell the friend that if you are consistent enough to show your capabilities and will to write an adequate article, you will be able to benefit from HSR in terms of your individual writing skills and general knowledge of journalism.

HSR gave me an opportunity to fully present my abilities to write news articles that others can actually read on the internet. I believe that being able to write about a topic of my interest is one of the key factors that gave myself and possibly many others the power to create fantastic articles uploaded to the Herald Insight and the Herald Tomorrow.