Student Reviews

Herald Student Reporters / SoYoung Choi

Date : 2023.02.26
During an English class, I was researching the Korean education system. By coincidence, I read an article from HSR. Due to the report’s accuracy and expertise, I was surprised when I realized the article was written by a student who is in a similar age group to me. Wanting to write a good article like his, I decided to apply to HSR.

In writing an article, I had to research a variety of topics or fields, which directly benefited my studies. For instance, I wrote an article about monkeypox, and I could further use the information I researched to

The most memorable aspect of my past six months with HSR is that I began to pay close attention to what is happening around me and in the world. Before this activity, I was somehow ignorant of the news, but after completing this program, I realized the importance of knowing current affairs, which expanded my interests broader.

I would highly recommend joining HSR because it is a great opportunity to acquire how to write a report by having real experience. By writing articles monthly, reporters could understand the structure, contents, and other rules to write articles, which is very helpful.

HSR is a great opportunity for students to not only enhance their linguistic skills but also rise awareness in the communities around them. Furthermore, the program allows students to learn how to write reports.