Student Reviews

Herald Student Reporters / Min Hyuk Yoo

Date : 2023.09.17
I learned about HSR through my mother. After exploring the website, I realized that this program was a perfect fit for me.

My decision to apply to HSR was driven by two main reasons.

Firstly, I wanted to test my English skills to the limit by writing articles.

Secondly, I wanted to create a remarkable experience with HSR to include in my high school and college portfolio. Overall, I am really satisfied with the HSR program.

Especially, I was getting better at writing explanatory pieces and research for group projects. Furthermore, thanks to HSR Insight, I developed a stronger interest in current events, realizing the importance of being attentive to our world today.

while every moment was fulfilling, the most memorable one was receiving guidance from professional reporters and editors to refine and deepen the meaning of my article. This, in my view, is the critical difference that elevates HSR above any other Student Reporter programs.  

I would wholeheartedly recommend HSR to individuals who, like me, enjoy English and want to see the world in a better perspective. I believe that the most significant advantage of HSR lies in its ability to provide an advanced and different sight of the world, fostering critical thinking skills about international issues.

I would like to express my gratitude to those who helped me to write wonderful articles and provide feedback. The HSR program was truly awesome. I am thankful for investing my time in this program to learn better about the world and elevate my quality of life as a global citizen.